Wirdsmit: A Sea of Stories

An anthology of writing by young Orkney writers, published in 2012 by the George Mackay Brown Fellowship, on behalf of the Wirdsmit children’s writing group.

Wirdsmit is coordinated by Amber Connolly, with the support of Orkney Library and Archive. The anthology was funded by Awards for All.

Compiled and edited by Nalini Paul

Designed by Iain Ashman


Megan Card, Ruisa Connolly, Jemma Guthrie, Anja Hall, Ashleigh Johnson, Calum McArthur, Aisling Phillips, Katie Rendall, Eve Richardson, Mirte Timmermans, Eilidh Warnock, Ellhanna Welbon

ISBN 978-0-9566616-2-3

Printed by The Orcadian Ltd, Hell’s Half Acre, Hatston, Kirkwall, Orkney KW15 1DW