Setting Sail

Setting Sail is the result of workshops GMB Writing Fellow Nalini Paul held at Stromness Primary School in May 2010, where the children wrote in response to extracts of music.

First published in 2010 by The George Mackay Brown Fellowship in association with Creative Scotland, Orkney Islands Council and Leader.

Compiled and edited by Nalini Paul.

Setting Sail


Kyle Adam
Ian Adamson
Cormac Alway
Molly Ruth Anderson
Lewis Austen
Lucy Barton
Mia Bentley
Rebecca Braddock
Amber Bryant
Owen Buchanan
Hamish Burgon
Ewan Casely
Fiona Casely
Charlotte Castree
Isla Chalmers
Ryan Chalmers
Amber Clouston
Aoife Craigie
Dara Craigie
Ewan Craigie
Willis Deans
Cairn Douglas
Arran Drever
Jamie Flett
Kieran Flett
Lewis Flett
Aaron Flynn
Patrick Foran
Shana Foubister
Alanna Gordon

Hallie Gordon
Ellys Gunn
Martha Hall
Freya Hibbert
Alfie Howard
Maisie Howard
Alannah Irvine
Naomi Irvine
Gary Isbister
Keith Isbister
Rachel Isbister
Liam Kennedy
Daniel Kirkpatrick
Joshua Lane
Lucy Leech
Shannon McCaig
Kimberly McGinley-Stoves
Cheyenne MacKay
Liam MacKay
Connor MacLeod
Finn McLeod
Megan MacLeod
Solly McLeod
Drew Miller
Brooke Mitchell
Erin Mitchell
Craig Moar
Joss Muir
Sydney Omand
William Omand

Erik Park
Jack Parr
Coleen Poke
Archie Porteous
Tobin Reilly
Eve Richardson
Ava Ritch
Chloë Ritch
Paul Ritch
Alasdair Seator
Zachary Shiner
Aimee Sinclair
Becky Sinclair
Kerris Sinclair
Alicia Stanger
Tamzin Stanger
Leah Stevenson
Emma Sutherland
Nicola Sutherland
Leah Swan
Jayden Taylor
Kelsi Taylor
Phoebe Taylor
Amber Todd
Emma Tulloch
Anna Turner
Daniel Webster
Andria Wishart
Jenna Young
Owen Young


Design by Iain Ashman.

ISBN 978-0-9566616-1-6

Printed by The Orcadian Ltd, Hell’s Half Acre, Hatston, Kirkwall, Orkney, KW15 1DY.

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