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The George Mackay Brown Fellowship

Today is #RLSDay which marks the birthday of Robert Louis Stevenson, born in Edinburgh on this day in 1850.

In June 1869 Stevenson visited #Orkney on a tour of lighthouses aboard the Northern Lighthouse Board yacht Pharos.

In a letter to his mother he wrote:
'The first sight one gets of Kirkwall is rather striking - a cluster of grey roofs with the red cathedral and a knot of umber ruin at the top, and the sea at it's foot, running into a long and shallow creek...But the glory of Kirkwall, as of Salisbury, lies about it's Cathedral, which towers, with narrow gables and slope-slate roof and wonder of red stonework and white, above the little green and little grey town on the seaboard.'

(Artwork by William Daniell 1769-1837)
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