Orkney Voices

The Orkney Voices Group as hid is noo wis started at the beginneen o 2018. The aim o hid wis tae mak a spaece whaar Orcadian spaekers could finnd weys o writan an spaekan aboot writeen.

The idea grew oot o a Scottish PEN project, Many Voices, that encouraged different groups ower Scotland tae finnd thir voices in creative writeen classes. Here is a link tae the project on the Scottish PEN website: 


At the end o the project, the fokk in the Orkney group wanted tae keep goan, so we ran it wirsels up tae Easter this year. Be this time the George Mackay Fellowship haed agreed tae tak the Orkney Voices group under hids umbrella an applied fur – an got – fundeen fur it fae OIC’s Culture Fund. Orkney Library & Archive gaed iss the use o a room an support iss wae books an materials an copies o the Orkney Dictionary.

So faer members o the group are haen wark published in Living Orkney and haev performed thir poems an stories – or haen them read by ither group members – at the George Mackay Brown Fellowship Orkney Book Festival, 2017; Book Week Scotland, Orkney Library, 2017; Scottish PEN event in Edinburgh, February 2018; The Reel Summer Concerts, June 2018; an Armistice Day November 2018. The ither day we got word that three o the group er been published in the laetest Gutter Magazine, a Scottish-wide literary magazine. An noo, wir thinkan o bringan oot a book o wir aown.

At the meenit the group meets wance a fortnight, led be writer Alison Miller. Hid is oppen tae spaekers o Orcadian wha want tae write creatively in Orcadian or English or in a combination o them both.

If you aer interested, please get in touch wae Alison, e-mail: alisonmiller67@btinternet.com